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  Born in Austin and raised on Bar-B-Q and tamales in Lockhart TX, Jack Burton loves to bring a tasty groove so you can shake what your mama gave ya.  

  His 9-piece soul smorgasbord, the aptly named “Jack Burton Trio”, was voted one of the Top 10 live performing bands in the Blues category of the 2014 Austin Music Awards.

 “I guess I’d call it ‘Austin Soul’ if I had to nail it down.  Austin’s got such a great history for Blues and Rock and it just seems to creep into the Soul sound that we start from,” says Burton.  “It’s like a good brisket: first you take a nice juicy cut of Soul and rub it down with the Blues, then spice it up with plenty of Funk, and throw in a pinch of Southern Rock for sweetness. Then slow cook it in a hot sweaty love oven until it’s dripping with groove.”

   With more than 20 years of writing and performing everything from Soul, Funk, Roots Rock, Hip Hop, to Gospel and Alt Rock, Jack has developed a soulful sound infused with the best flavors of all his past projects, which can be heard on his two independently released EPs.


  "Soul" is the product of a gritty gospel side project:

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Listen on Spotify here


"I Think You Know" flows funky soul by Jack Burton Trio

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Listen on Spotify here


You’ll find Jack serving up his brand of Soul backed by his 9-piece Jack Burton Trio, all lonely-like with his acoustic guitar and versatile voice, or fronting the Motown, Soul & Funk show band The All Nights.  Jack and Maja currently live in Valencia, Spain, with their 7 kids, and are soaking up the Mediterranean sun whilst writing new material for the next album.

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