He Knows Wonder / by Jack Burton

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You think cool is…“this.”
Ain’t foolin’ the kid in the corner of the Room,
(He) knows wonder
See those eyes, see that shine
But he won’t hurt you, if you let him…Try

He ain’t fakin this.
The real thing comes on unexpected
Makes you wonder
See those eyes, see that shine
But he won’t hurt you, if you let him…Try

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April 2015 - our song prompt was “corner of the room”.
That sense of wonder can be a great guide. It can settle into you and keep you on your own genuine path. It’s also a little frightening.
It’s scary to look the taste makers in the face and say “I know you think ‘X’ equals cool...but, here’s how I get down.”
It’s shocking to feel so passionate or at home in your strength that it makes you bold enough to be your true self in front of others. Heady stuff.
And it scares them, too. Everybody’s vying for position. Clawing to hang onto their spot. Or they haven’t figured out how to live in their own strengths so they get jealous, dismissive, or defensive. But if they could let go of that fear they might see that someone else’s success can be a lift to everyone around them.
I identify with both sides of this coin. Many times I’m the kid in the corner just waiting for my moment, for some chance to shine. Other times I’m tempted to be threatened by or jealous of the talent or success of others.
Sometimes we need somebody to blow us away and shock us into a new perspective. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to be open to that? Maybe we could find some wonder of our own in a moment like that?
So in part, this tune is kind of a “note to self” to hold on to the wonder (the good stuff that inspires me to create) and to remember that it might require making space for someone else’s moment.

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