(above) "Soul" by Jack Burton.  Hard times, yes. But we have it within us to overcome adversity and make the world a better place. One by one. Day by day. Because, in the end...they can't take your soul.
Shot in Historic downtown Buda, Texas by Joel Calvin.

(above) 'Take Your Time' by Jack Burton Trio live at The Roost, August 23, 2014. 

(above) The fam and I spent some time in Tarragona, Spain, last week. The birth place of Antoni Gaudí and a city filled with Roman Ruins on the Mediterranean coast. A 5-minute bus ride outside of town brought us to this Roman Aqueduct. More than 2000 years old!

(above) Peep some dope show highlights!

(above) 'I Think You Know' by Jack Burton Trio live at Century Recordings.  Video by Kenneth Null


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