Cahoots by Jack Burton

I don’t remember the dates for this one, but it did come from our writing group. The prompt was “cahoots”. ...That’s not a word that would typically fall into my habitual writing style. But it IS a word that made me think of James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem). So I thought, “Sweet! I’ll write a funky, danceable, snarky tune about hipsters.”
With that in mind, I leaned into Murphy’s approach which gave me an excuse to play some drums and bass. Poorly. But man, I had a blast!
As usually (and super obviously) this is just a hastily thrown together demo made via garage band, using the on board iPad mic. But that kinda gives a cool lofi vibe that I would like to incorporate if I ever lay this down in the studio.
I would love to eventually put together enough songs in this style that I could cut an album....and it would be a blast to play these in a club sometime.
But mostly, as I listened back to this today it made feel grateful that there are so many styles/genres of music that I really enjoy. So many great artists making good music. Grateful that I have been exposed to so MUCH music AND that it still gets me excited to find a new “jam”! That doesn’t seem to be the case for many in the music biz. The hustle of it all, or maybe playing the same stuff over and over just to earn a buck, etc. can lead to some serious burn out. So I’m feeling really thankful that for the most part I’ve managed to avoid the burn out, due to opportunities that allowed me to break up the monotony.
I’m not saying everybody needs to love every style of music. Just saying that has been a blessing because it really helps keep things fresh for me as a professional musician. I just really love music, man. You dig?

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Stay Just a little bit longer
Dance just a little bit louder

Dirty little dress and your high heel shoes
Curly mustache and your bow tie blues

Better get up whicha get down

All the cool kids in their hipster suits
Breakin it down cuz your in cahoots

Dance til the sun turns black
Get up and we do it again