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Sharks are Bald by Jack Burton

Warning! Cuteness alert! My little dudes sing on this one! Follow the link to hear the full thang.

The writing group has started up again for the spring semester. Our first week had no actual prompt - we could write anything we wanted to write. This gave me the opportunity to work on an hilarious and awesome song idea that came from our youngest son, Leif.
I have a list of wacky kid song ideas that I want to write. Most of them come from insane stuff that our kids have said. Many of which are direct quotes from Leif. He says the most amazing things!!
So the story goes: a few years ago I had just taken Leif out of the bathtub and wrapped him in his cool shark towel - the kind where the shark’s mouth makes a hood - and he was staring at himself in the mirror. I had just noticed the wheels turning In his head when he casually said, “sharks are bald.”
I think I kinda froze for a second as my brain tried to comprehend that amazing observation. And then I fell on the floor and died laughing, and am still laughing, and I will never stop laughing about that brilliantly hilarious thought which had certainly never crossed my mind before. Little kid brains are just incredible.
Maja of course contributed to the lyrics on this one and we also brain stormed with our two youngest about lyrics and ideas for the song. Such a blast to work on music with them. I hope to do a lot more of that!
Paden (10yo) sings the verses and 1st Chorus and Leif (8yo) is singing on the last chorus. Don’t judge them based on my rushed and sloppy editing skills. Haha!
We’ve got some more writing to do to finish this one. But it is just so dang cute I’ve gotta go ahead and post it, so their grandparents can enjoy it;)
Hope you dig it, too!

Listen Here on SoundCloud

Sharks are bald
I was swimming in the deep blue sea
When a shark came swimming up next to me
He said “hey buddy please don’t think I’m weird,
But I really like your cool haircut and your beard”
So I thanked him for the compliment
And I asked where all of his own hair went
He said “whoa dude, didn’t you know
Sharks are bald our hair don’t grow
But if it did, I’d have a ‘fro”
Bet you never thought of that before

Sharks are bald
But they don’t mind
They save a lot of money on shampoo
Sharks are bald
But sometimes
They wish they had a really nice hairdo.

“We sharks are built for speed
So hair is one thing we just don’t need
But I’ll tell ya every now and then
I wish I had hair down to my dorsal fin
And I wish every once and a while
That I had fluffy mustache to go with my smile”
Could you even imagine that?