Ceiling / by Jack Burton

It was a rough week. Illness, the drama of being the paterfamilias of a family of 9, the stress of music-life hustle, drama from the day gig, the pain of seeing how busted our world sometimes seems....
I needed to rage. Thankfully I found some catharsis in the form of a prompt from our writing group which gave me some freedom to wrestle these thoughts down and get back to knowing there is always some hope to be found. sometimes i just gotta holler for some help to find it.
*This is, of course, a work in progress*

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ceiling pic.png


I wanna break it all down.
Tear it from the feeling
Rip into the form
Leave a hole forever gaping

Tell em all go away
I wanna rage against the reason
Leave em rotting in their cages
Howl as we go down

If I was meant for more
Why do I crash into the ceiling
If I was made to shine
Why is the burn all that I’m feeling
[If you were still around
Would anything have changed
Could you lift me from this ground
Could you free me from this pain]

I wanna steal into the night
Disappear behind the Vail
Fall back into the silence
Leave it all behind

I’m gonna harrow it down
Take it in my hand
Crush it into dust
Throw it in their faces

Just enough
of something sensual
Just the usual
apathy unconditional

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