Living It Up / by Jack Burton

A bit of a study on the story of the Prodigal Son and reflection on how I (we) tend to make the same kind of dumb choices to trade the good stuff we already have to chase after what looks more attractive. The grass is greener on the other side, and such.
Our prompt was "guiding light", which had me thinking about finding our way back home. About what draws us back to those places of deep and true peace when we find ourselves lost and beaten down. How those who love you will always be looking to the horizon and hoping for your return. And the kind of love that lets you leave but says, "we'll leave the light on for you".

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"Followed them down to that fabled town in land of the prodigals
Left every care, and the country air to join the revels of the lost souls
Neón lights track in the flow and blood and blow and the sweetest wine
Nothing that you couldn’t try and I cant lie
We was living it up

Tried my hand at every red Light stand turned every trick I could imagine
Low down and dirty smile a’pearly tellin lies like a beauty pageant
Took my beatings on a proud chin time and again I even gave a few
Made my bed where I could bad or good
I was living it up

Now and then I might lift my head
Toward the skies of the home I fled
Imagine I could see a guiding light
Lead me back from self inflected night

Funny thang about that kind of freedom when you reason you can cash it in
Is you can spend it on a little action, satisfaction, or a loaf of bread
Time I realized what I left behind, Long been blind and in a dark deep
Seemed I was drownin too far down in
the living it up"